We love to invite you to plant yourself into the earth through grounding and balancing our first Chakra Muladhara. We will dive deep into all our shadow perceptions and allow these processes to create balance between darkness and light, honoring both forms as the same proportion and creating neutrality, emptiness, and union with God.

Samadhi will host activities focusing on grounding you as a cosmic seed. Once the seed inside the earth, you will be able to start growing into your soul purpose for this lifetime. Being rooted in Pachamama, we will continue our journey with the deepest belief in our connection with MotherEarth.



Details of the retreat


Despacho Ceremony:

A traditional ceremony to offer our gratitude and set up intentions for our experience in Peru. A shaman from a beautiful community called Qeros leads the ceremony. The Qeros maintain their ancient traditions and native language of Quechua.

Art Therapy:

Painting in the mountains and pottery, both led by local artists who begin the classes with a meditation. You will then be able to express your inner world through each medium. Both works of art you will be able to take back home with you.


Depending on the present moment, and around the week, we will offer different workshops. For example, we will have the opportunity to learn and create our own native offering to honor the place that our soul decided to be born. When you return home, you will be able to use your unique offering in your practice.

Food and Gardens:

Connecting with Pachamama through our organic garden, we will have the blessing to pick up our own food and create morning juices with vegetables and fruits related to Muladhara. Our knowledgeable resident gardener, Josue, will then teach us how to plant beets, carrots, and root vegetables to honor the cyclical process of sustainable food.

Trekking to arqueological places:

We will go 40 minutes by car into a beautiful local trek and then walk two hours to an Inka Temple related to feminine energy to connect with our feminine side. This site is non-touristic and very special. We will also visit Maras Salt Flats and the Moray terraces. These places are perfect for connecting to Mother Earth because they are built deep into the earth for cultivating plants and harvesting salts.

Cultural Immersion:

We will visit the local town, Huycho, 250 people living here, and learn from their traditions, flora and fauna.

Visiting Sacred Mountains and spaces for meditation:

We will connect with ancient energy in sacred spaces to open and balance our energetic channels in order to go deep inside, allowing ourselves to receive and explore the ancient civilizations. These special places are non-touristic and only known by the locals around the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


This will be a sacred pilgrimage to Machu Picchu with a guide well versed in the powerful Incan spiritual traditions. Our guide will lead us through the site with a divine perspective of the ancient culture and rituals used at Machu Picchu.


Whats included?

  • Private Transportation from Cusco Airport to Samadhi
  • All 3 vegetarian or vegan meals with our chefs from our garden and local markets
  • Daily Juice detox
  • All transportations and snacks to the different treks and Arqueological Places
  • Private Double Room
  • Private Single Room
  • All activities supplies
  • Machu Picchu Full day


What is not included?

  • International and National Flights




*Blocking deposit 700.00USD Refundable outside of four months before the retreat

*Rate: Single 2220.00 USD or Double 2020.00USD


We grow all together.
Muchas Gracias.


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PDF here: Itinerary



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