Samadhi means a union with the divine. Samadhi offers daily accommodations, yoga retreats and trainings for up 24 students and teachers. Each of our bungalows represent one of the seven chakra energy centers in the body. In the main lodge, we have a living room and dining room. The yoga studio is located on the top floor. We sirve vegetarian or vegan cuisine.

Private group retreats

Our staff focuses their full attention on each group in order to provide the maximum comfort. From the pickup to the drop off at the airport, the full focus is on them. With the goal to bring mindfulness and create a universal network, SAMADHI is available to receive and host retreats for groups people in all walks of life, and looking for a retreat space: yoga teachers, meditation, special events, spiritual retreats, and hiking and adventure. Samadhi's facilities are fully-equipped, and centered on the theme of the 7 chakras: areas dedicated to meditation and art, a multifunction room, a yoga deck with a dazzling view of the sacred valley, ample storage, an organic garden where you can learn about the qualities of plants that are native to the area, and around the Andes Mountains. We provide an adequate space for you and your tribe to be immersed and focus on your individual goals throughout your stay, as well as learning to cook vegetarian food, the ancestral culture of Cusco, and plants of the area and their uses.

Teacher Trainings

Solo Travelers



In the middle of a natural environment, surrounded by mountain and ancient culture that today maintain their traditions, grows Samadhi.

Designed with the sacred geometry, Samadhi will submerge you in the universe of the los Chakras, walking through the Kundalini and wrapping you in its spaces, colors, textures, flavors and art adapted for the energy central, to know and explore your essence.

To get close to the conscience state of the divine, we work in a holistic manner in four forms, yoga-meditation, food awareness, art therapy and cultural immersion. These aspects connect and count with the program especially for each chakra and is related with each bungalow; the first bungalow, the chakra raiz, is associated with the earth, is a space with a program of yoga-meditation, food, art and cultural experiences that help connect with the mother earth Pachamana, and then you will pass chakra to chakra.


Situated in the hearth of the Andean mountains a , peaceful place, with a yoga deck that's surrounded by an incredible natural environment, we will practice asanas focused on going deeply in your own practice to self-know and been our own teacher.


Serving high quality, vegetarian dishes, paired with nutritional value for each chakra, and using produce grown in our own garden and from the Sacred Valley such as Quinoa, Kiwicha, maca, kaniua, and more. These dishes will reinforce the balance and harmony of each person. There will also be the opportunity to learn and share the cooking process with our chef.

Art Therapy

Connecting art with each chakra, and utilizing crystals, colors, music and sounds, ceramic, and weaving with both local and foreign artists.

Cultural Inmersion:

Experiences oriented towards each chakra, learn ancestral techniques that will reconnect us to our true essence. Experiences include visits to local communities or archeological sites. Samadhi is located closet o different sacred ruins like Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Maras- Moray, Ñaupa Iglesia and Machu Picchu which is only 2 hrs away.


We believe that we are the superior conscience for healthy practices and with that work on the balance for the mind, body and spirit with the mission to create abundance and liberty for the human kind.







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